Welcome to Macro Charts!

Look for regular content here soon! Feel free to subscribe if you’d like to receive future posts.

Here is an initial outline with some topics & ideas I might write about more regularly:

  • Single-topic posts such as comparisons between historic market environments, a chart run of a topic I’m exploring, scenarios/probability analysis and risk management.
  • Data analysis & Model discussion using unique and practical datasets I’ve created over the years.
  • Some educational resources. For instance, how I learned to use market indicators more effectively, common myths & misconceptions about markets, and links to relevant academic research.
  • Weekly Summary of my Tweets in a convenient single archive.
  • Short Commentary on a recent market development that could be important (most aren’t).
  • Bigger thematic reviews tying major markets together.
  • Suggestions and ideas received from readers.
  • Stories and experiences from trading global markets over 25 years.

Why am I doing this?

  • It’s a small world and I’m always looking to meet smart people with diverse interests.
  • Keeping a blog diary and reviewing it later on helps improve my process and my thinking.
  • Paying it forward: maybe some of what I’ve learned can help or inspire someone on their own path to success.

Look forward to this new and exciting journey.